“Consuming nationally is Potato’s logic!”

Producers launch campaign to increase potato consumption

The campaign to promote Miss Tata, the Portuguese potato brand, starts today and runs until September, harvest season in Portugal.

Porbatata, the Potato Association of Portugal, launches today a campaign to promote the consumption of Portuguese potatoes and challenges consumers to make the most obvious choice: “Consuming national is the logic of Potatoes!”.

Presented in Salvaterra de Magos, the Porbatata campaign is led by Miss Tata, the national potato collective brand, and has the support of APED, the Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies. The campaign will be streamlined on social networks and will be visible on the communication media of the large distribution chains that have joined the initiative. The objective is to make consumers aware of the advantages of consuming locally and nationally and clarify myths surrounding this food, one of the most consumed foods in the world.

Some of the questions raised are: If consuming locally is better for the environment, why don’t we choose Portuguese potatoes? If our potato is nutritious and not fattening, why do we continue to remove it from our diet? If potatoes fit into any budget, why don’t we use them more in our meals? The answers are simple: consuming nationally, healthily, sustainably, and economically is the logic of the potato.

“The Portuguese potato deserves to be on the Portuguese table and, therefore, Porbatata launches its annual campaign to sensitize consumers to make the most logical choice: buy national. In a context as difficult as the one we are experiencing, valuing production is helping farmers to invest in this crop and preserve a fundamental food. It is also necessary to dispel myths that potatoes are a food with few nutritional benefits. Not only is it a healthy product, but it is also economical and very versatile. With this campaign, we invite everyone to discuss the Potato Logic!”, says Sérgio Ferreira, president of Porbatata.

Created by the association to promote Portuguese potatoes, Miss Tata customizes the characteristics of this outstanding product in gastronomy. Fresh, young, freshly harvested, and allied with a healthy diet, the Portuguese potato is distinguished by being one of the first in Europe to reach the market.

In 2022, potato exports increased by 23% to 24.6 million euros. In terms of quantity, sales to international markets also grew significantly: 56% (to more than 81 million kilos). The biggest buyer of Portuguese potatoes is Spain (which represents 67% of the total value of exports).

Potato production in Portugal occupies an agricultural area of 16,804 hectares. The most recent data from INE indicate that production exceeded 413 thousand tons in 2021.

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