‘Conta-me Como Foi’ will be back this year

The series that was broadcast on RTP between 2007 and 2011 will return to the public television station later this year.

The legendary series “Conta-me Como Foi”, whose last episode was aired in 2011 portraying the Carnation Revolution, will return with new episodes.

The confirmation was given by José Fragoso, program director of RTP, who explained that this decision was made because “it made sense to go back to this story”.

According to the official, the “core of the series will continue”, that is, the Lopes family will return with the couple Guida and António (Rita Blanco and Miguel Guilherme) and their youngest son, Carlitos (Luís Ganito), who was also the storyteller who, in this new season, started in the early 1980s.

“Let’s take a 10-year leap and let’s enter the 80’s which are also very vibrant years of our recent history and so let’s make the Lopes family appear in another context, with many changes, and with new characters as well,” explained José Fragoso.

Regarding the themes to be addressed, the RTP official recalled that the 1980s were marked by the entry of Portugal into the then European Economic Community (CEE), the emergence of a musical panorama of reference, but also the emergence of means of which were not under the authority of the State. Not forgetting relevant international events.

The recordings, in charge of SP Television, will begin in the summer and the premiere of the new season of the series will happen in the last quarter of this year. As for later seasons, José Fragoso assumed that this is a reality that is part of the plans. “If everything goes as I expect it to, we will be able to do more seasons,” he said.

For now, the scripts are prepared to adapt the series, whose original is Spanish, to the Portuguese reality.

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