Contemporânea launches “Community as Immunity” to support artistic production

Contemporânea opens on March 24 the Community as an Immunity program, a project involving 20 authors and authors in the creation and edition of unpublished content that will reflect on artistic production in the context of crisis.

‘Community as Immunity’ is a transdisciplinary project dedicated to reflection and artistic production on the various critical dimensions of the present in its inevitable relationship with the pandemic COVID-19. It was created by Contemporânea, the Portuguese publication specialized in contemporary art, and between March and December it promotes a program with public and free activities, with contributions from 20 artists, curators, academics, journalists, musicians, and other authors and authors:

Alejandro Alonso Díaz, Ana Margarida Abrantes, Andreia Santana, António Poppe, Carolina Ellis, Cátia Sá, Diana Policarpo, Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida, Gisela Casimiro, Hugo Canoilas, Jack Mugler, Miguel Mesquita, Odete, Pedro Barateiro, Peter Hanenberg, Rita Natálio , Rodrigo Ribeiro Saturnino, Sofia Lemos, Tita Maravilha and Vítor Belanciano.

Ana Cristina Cachola, curator and artistic director of Community as Immunity, highlights that the project arises “at this critical moment”, “out of crisis and critical need”, with the main objective of “building community as a form of social immunity and cultural in the face of the different challenges, uncertainties and different precariousness that are installed by the crisis”.

The program is part of a cycle of thematic workshops, the edition of a special issue of Contemporânea – associated with an online program with publications, conversations and performances -, and of a free distribution newspaper. All activities will be free and free of charge and will happen mostly online.

On March 24, at 10 am, the first of the five workshops of the cycle will take place, which will be dedicated to mediation and reflection on the theme “Proximity at a distance: (pre) existing models”. The workshops aim to promote dialogue and cooperation between authors and invited authors, support the author creation process, and open to the public the discussion on the various themes that the project proposes to explore. They will be broadcast on the channel of MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology on YouTube and open to the participation of all people who wish to follow the development of this community.

The Community as Immunity project is developed with the support of the Directorate-General for the Arts/Ministry of Culture and in partnership with a network of Portuguese and foreign cultural organizations.

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