Contemporary Japanese Cinema

Museum of the Orient, Star / Lapa / Santos
Sunday 13 January 2019 – Sunday 27 January 2019

This cycle of Contemporary Japanese Cinema will be at the end of the month, which, in the Museum of the East, presents films never released in the Portuguese commercial circuit, be it comedy, drama and, as in this program, still a great period production. The first feature film is scheduled for Sunday, the 6th, is called Living Promise (2016) and tells the story of the spiritual reunion of two longtime friends. The 13th of January follows Sparkle of Life (2013), about a 77-year-old widow who decides to give one more chance to love. On January 20th will be the turn of the comedy Sing My Life (2016) about a talented young woman who, behind her sweet appearance, has a volatile temperament and a surprising maturity. Finally, on January 27, will be presented the drama of the time The Vancouver Asahi (2014), based on truthful facts elapsed in Canada of the beginning of century XX.

Free admission, by prior ticket collection on the day of the exhibition
Films subtitled in Brazilian Portuguese.

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