Continental Mabor celebrates its 30th anniversary

Continental’s tire factory in Lousado today celebrates its 30th anniversary

On July 2, 1990, employees in Vila Nova de Famalicão produced the first car tires in the new company. By the end of that year, around 6,000 tires left the plant daily. In four years, production has tripled to 18,000 tires per day and almost 350 million “Made in Lousado” tires have so far left the production lines.

The Lousado factory has implemented top technologies in tire production, with a highly qualified team in the manufacturing processes, trained from the beginning with training programs on the premises, but also abroad and in the Continental Group‘s global network, today with 23 factories in the world.

Pedro Carreira, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Continental Mabor.

Continental’s factory in Lousado is a success story, we are all very proud of our 30 years of enormous achievements and, above all, the success achieved by our team. Since the start-up of the company, this year 2020 has been more complex than all the others, clearly due to the impact of the global pandemic Covid-19. However, we will remain strong together as a motivated team and will continue to be a trusted business partner for all our suppliers and customers, as in the past 30 years. My special thanks to all the collaborators who since the founding of the company have made this success possible, as well as to the current team at Lousado, who we count on to overcome the current challenges”, declared Pedro Carreira, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Continental Mabor.

Over the years the number of employees has grown in line with the company’s constant development, while the factory initially employed 900 people, today there are more than 2,300 employees.

Higher professional training than required by law and specific knowledge of the main technologies, new processes, and compounds, make Lousado‘s team a reliable partner for the largest car manufacturers in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, as well as for the replacement market. Initially producing only tires for cars and light commercial vehicles, SUV tires were added in 2005, followed by high-performance tires in 2013. At the same time, new equipment was installed and the production unit was successively expanded.

Lousado’s Factory in 1990

Due to the proven trust and experience of the Lousado team, new products were introduced constantly, with a highlight in 2017, tires for tractors, and for harvesting machines. Since 2019, the production of OTR tires (off-road) for special applications in various port machines and earthmoving is today a completely new product line in the industrial unit.

Currently, Lousado’s factory is one of Continental‘s most important units in the tire world, since its startup, approximately 345.9 million car tires, 52,000 tires for agricultural use, and about 4000 tires for ports and mines have been vulcanized. , making the company the 5th largest exporter in Portugal.

The Continental Group in Portugal with Continental Mabor, Continental Pneus, Continental- Textile Industry of the Ave, Continental Lemmerz, Continental Teves, Continental Advanced Antenna, and Continental Engineering Services, in 2019 had around 3,600 employees and the total volume in its permanent staff turnover amounted to more than 1.27 million euros.

Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for the sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. Founded in 1871, the technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic, and transport. In 2019, Continental achieved a sales volume of 44.5 billion euros and currently employs more than 240,000 employees in 59 countries and markets.

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