Controversy and lack of gunpowder draw eagle from Europe

Eintracht Frankfurt wins 2-0 at home and moves on to the Europa League semi-finals thanks to two goals scored at the Luz stadium.

After FC Porto, it was the turn of Benfica to be eliminated and leave Portugal without any representative in European competitions. The Reds secured a 4-2 lead in the first leg but could not hold on to Germany.

A controversial goal from Filip Kostic, as a defensive failure that culminated in Sebastien Rode goal, allow the Eintracht Frankfurt to book their ticket for the semi-finals of the Europa League, where they will face Chelsea.

German pressure resulted in a goal

It was a Benfica very different from the usual one that appeared in the Commerzbank Arena. More expectantly, the team of Bruno Lage delivered the game initiative to Eintracht Frankfurt. And circumstances compelled him. After all, on the other side were a team that had already shown that, at home, was lethal, with the four goals scored to Lazio and Marseille.

The hosts suffered a slight scare soon to open, with a Seferovic ball isolate John Felix in the ‘face’ of Kevin Trapp, who left to avoid the dangers of higher. From then on, no longer did the Germans leave the incarnated midfield, but without creating real danger.

After some (weak) attempts to reach the goal, lo, 36 minutes, Adi Hutter men have even advantageously a goal at least controversial. After a fine save by Odysseas Vlachodimos, Filip Kostic flicked it wide into the net.

The goal generated a great turnaround next to the red one, but ended up really worth, since this phase of the Europa League still does not count with VAR. Following that, Bruno Lage, one of the most discontented, was sent for expulsion and had to watch the rest of the game from the stands.

Instead of serving to wake Benfica, I try to Kostic served as a dynamo for the home team, which rose, even more, the lines in search of the goal that would turn the tie in their favour. However, the result ended up not knowing changes until the interval.

Improvement was ‘stepmother’ for the eagle

Benfica came in much better in the second half, climbing lines and approaching the goal twice in less than ten minutes. First, it was worth a ‘miraculous’ cut from Falette, who scored an almost certain goal to Rafa after John Félix’s pass. Then it was Seferovic, isolated by Samaris, failing to score the equalizer.

As they say, who does not brand rises to suffer, and so it was in Germany. After 67 minutes, and after a defensive error of the incarnate, Sebastien Rode, first, shot for the second goal the home team, which caused the ‘flip’ in the round.

Bruno Lage’s team ‘tightened’ with the Germans in the final minutes, but with the exception of a ball to Eduardo Salvio’s post in the 85th minute, he did not create Kevin Trapp’s big problems.

Eintracht Frankfurt goes on to the Europa League semi-finals. At the front will be Chelsea, who, at the same time, beat Slavia Prague by 4-3 at Stamford Bridge.

Game timing: Benfica were better in the second half but could not capitalize on their goal performance. Eintracht did not forgive and, 67 minutes, following a defensive failure, Rode punished the incarnates with a first shot.

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