Conversas no Manicómio about madness in live streaming format

O MANICÓMIO – a social and cultural project that aims to legitimize Portuguese artists with mental illness – brings together a writer, a psychiatrist and an artist to talk about the madness of quarantine in Portugal and in the world.

Manicómio’s conversations launch, in quarantine period and in live streaming format, the “END OF THE WORLD – IN IRONIC FORMAT”.

The writer Valter Hugo Mãe, the artist Pedro Cabral Santo and the psychiatrist Ana Matos Pires were challenged to talk about the uncertainties of the present and the “certainties” of the future, in an ironic, imaginative, realistic and… crazy way.

This End of the World is based on the quality of human beings and thinking about a “new opportunity”. A new beginning? Or a more purist, survivalist thought?

The Manicómio is the first space for the creation of Art in Portugal, where it combines the creation and approach of resident artists who have experienced or experience mental illness to the public, in a single space of innovation and creativity. The “Conversas no Manicómio” are organized with the Lisbon City Council and started in 2019.

The conversation will take place on April 1 at 9:30 pm, on the Facebook of the MANICÓMIO. It is the first edition of a cycle of three conversations every two weeks.


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