Cooperativa Árvore organizes 24 hours of art to help unite Ukrainian theatre artists

The “Árvore da Paz” is a solidarity event of Cooperativa Árvore that will take place from the 29th to the 30th of April, with the aim of helping Ukrainian artists.

This initiative, promoted in conjunction with CTB – Companhia de Teatro de Braga and many other institutions linked to the arts, will take place at the headquarters of Cooperativa Árvore and will last for 24 hours, uninterrupted, with its start scheduled for 21:00 on the day April 29 and closing at 9 pm on the 30th of the same month, which will be followed by a solidarity auction. The proceeds will go to the Union of Theater Artists of Ukraine.

The “Árvore da Paz” will feature several artists, writers, intellectuals and is open to all citizens, aware of the dramatic times we are living, and who want to associate themselves with this gesture for peace, solidarity in a movement that aims to blur borders, shortening distances and helping each other.

The initiative will include musical interventions, poetry, theatre notes, gatherings, and performance always accompanied by plastic artists who will be working at Cooperativa Árvore in the creation of works that, at the end of the event, will be auctioned.

Arvore – Cooperativa de Atividades Artísticas CRL, is a cultural cooperative based in Porto and recognized by the Portuguese State as a private organization of public utility. It was founded in 1963 by artists, writers, architects and intellectuals interested in creating new conditions for cultural production and dissemination.

The purpose of the Árvore is the production, dissemination and commercialization of artistic and editorial works and the training and information of members and the general public in the area of ​​visual arts, art studies and other areas of creation and knowledge.

Cooperativa Artística grew with plural and diverse cultural activity: conferences, lectures and conversations, exhibitions in Portugal and abroad, symposia, workshops and free courses, competitions, awards, books, graphic work and multiple editions, production and installation of works of art. It has in its history important moments filled with the revelation of artists and works, the dissemination of architecture, the debate on Portuguese thinkers, the critical analysis of literature, the tributes made, in collaboration with national and foreign institutes, embassies, theatre companies, city councils and other agents.

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