Cooperativa Mr. November wants to put the ‘Porto on the indie music map’

A group of professionals such as doctors, lawyers or bankers has created a nonprofit cooperative that wants to place Porto “on the map of indie music” by promoting concerts and events that are often confined to the capital.

José Carlos Soares, a founding member of the Arts and Entertainment Cooperative Mr. November, and anesthesiologist, explained that the idea arose from the need to ensure that these events could also take place in Porto, without the financial return being present in the equation.

The first concert sponsored by the cooperative, with Soft Science, will take place on September 29 at the Hard Club, but before that Mr. November will promote a DJ Set at the simultaneous inaugurations in Miguel Bombarda on Saturday with the presence of DJs Isabel Vanzeler, Mónica Senra and Pedro Taveira.

For the 6th of October a new ‘sunset’ was marked this time at Clube de Leça with the presence of DJs Elisa Leal, Rui Vieira, Rita Martins, Telmo Carvalho and Mónica Roriz, and in November, two concerts: the first, day 22, with The Saxophones; the second, on the 25th, with Holly Miranda, both at the Hard Club.

The 2018 schedule culminates with the holding of the third Suspicion Party on December 8.

The doctor emphasized that what moves the group is only the passion for this type of music, and the profits are entirely invested in the events produced by the cooperative.

There is also the concern to promote emerging values ​​of the Portuguese music scene, in a musical and cultural investment that they consider fundamental for the city.

Mr. November was born in May of 2018 as a promoter and producer of cultural and / or recreational events and activities.

In addition to the organization of various parties and sunsets, the non-profit cooperative is the musical promoter of the brand ‘Os Suspeitos’ in organizing concerts with national and foreign bands, a brand that was the genesis of Mr. November’s creation.

According to the person in charge, “the idea is born of an old habit and times well spent in meeting with friends – ‘The Suspects of Costume’ – around new sounds that were appearing in the middle of the song said alternative” and that in 2016 becomes in a closed group in the social network Facebook, ‘The Suspects’, that currently has more than two thousand members.

Today, the cooperative has already a few dozen cooperators who provide a financial cushion that allows the realization of concerts and other initiatives.

The goal is that in future also include other areas of activity such as exhibitions and film cycles, with music as a common denominator.

“The reception has been very good.When we met, we were far from thinking that five months later the evolution was exponential.To 2019, there is a goal that has already been largely surpassed.It would promote four international concerts next year and we already have more than that closed number, “he said.

According to the organization, for 2019 is still planned to hold a music festival with three or four national bands.

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