Corc Yoga turns cork into premium yoga mats

Corc Yoga is a brand created in 2017 by Christine Moghadam, the result of her family trips to Portugal from where she left home, in California, inspired by the beauty of one of the most valuable resources in the country, cork.

As a multicultural family, travel has become a centerpiece of our lives – but one trip in particular has truly marked us. In 2016 we discovered Portugal for the first time and fell in love with the country. The history of Corc Yoga began with a tour of a weekend market in Lisbon, where beautiful products made of cork made me stop.”, Says Christine.

The cork oak took root in the heart of the brand’s founder, who, fascinated by the versatility of cork, started to develop a unique product, the most sustainable yoga mat in the world, a premium alternative to the one on the market.

The creation process required several visits to Portugal to visit studios that work with cork and to study the entire process of extraction and production of this raw material of excellence with a Portuguese stamp. Based on ecological awareness, the brand’s philosophy combines the passions for ethical business practices with well-being and mental health.

Corc Yoga is a brand committed to making the most natural products available to yogis and all those who privilege well-being, defending sustainable practices, fair wages and respect for the environment.

Corc Yoga works only with small cork suppliers, mainly family businesses in the North of Portugal and in the Alentejo region. About 100 rugs are produced monthly in a factory in the south of the country.

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