Corinne Bailey Rae presents new album at Misty Fest

Corinne Bailey Rae, awarded a Grammy, is preparing a new stage in her career and coming to Portugal to present her next album, Black Rainbows, in which she explores surprising and original musical ideas.


In 2005, Corinne Bailey Rae introduced herself to the world with the classic – and appropriate – Like a Star, and the following year, she took the entire planet by storm by sending her the ultimate invitation: Put Your Records On. The planet put on their record, transforming the eponymous Corinne Bailey Rae into a mega success that sold more than 4 million copies worldwide. Her name has become synonymous with sophistication, soul, and good taste. Good news: in 2023, Corinne Bailey Rae is back with an amazing new work that will be titled Black Rainbows. With a release date assured for September, this new work is already scheduled for a presentation in Portugal, as one of the outstanding concerts in Misty Fest’s 2023 program.

Corinne released new albums in 2010 and 2016, but the new album, which has been carefully prepared for a decade now, is an ambitious conceptual work that promises to conquer space in the lists of the best records of this year. Inspired by the works of Chicago-born artist Theaster Gates, who has made a name for himself in the world of contemporary art for the way he rethinks abandoned spaces. Corinne found her work at Chicago’s Stony Island Arts Bank and was swept away: “When I walked through those doors, I knew my life had changed forever,” says Bailey Rae. “Becoming involved with these archives and meeting Theaster Gates and his practice has changed the way I think about myself as an artist and what the possibilities of my work are. This music came about through vision. For me, seeing has been like hearing. I was watching, and the songs/sounds appeared”.

From that impact was born a dense album of wonderful songs – starting right away with the first single, New York Transit Queen, a lesson in energy that seems to draw on the spirit of punk (yes) to make a statement of power in the present. There is also a book, Reflections/Refractions in collaboration with the photographer Koto Bolofo, and, above all, a new show, which premieres at the beginning of September in Chicago, departing from there on an American tour before arriving in the United Kingdom and Spain. Portugal will be the next stage on this journey in which Corinne Bailey Rae once again claims a prominent place in the present.

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