Coronavirus: Apple decides to close all its stores outside China

By March 27, all Apple stores outside China will close, announced Tim Cook, the company’s president, in an attempt to protect employees and customers from the coronavirus.

Tim Cook, announced in a statement that Apple stores outside China will close until March 27, the company’s president said “The most effective way to minimize the risk of transmitting the virus is to reduce (population) density and maximize social distance” and yet “as the epidemic progresses outside China, we are taking further steps to protect our teams and our customers “.

The American manufacturer of computers, tablets and smartphones, with almost 500 stores in 24 countries, will thus only keep open stores in China, which have now started to reopen and the online store.

The technological giant donated US $ 15 million to fight the Covid-19, a pandemic that killed more than 5,500 people and infected some 143,000 people worldwide.

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