Corrida do Tejo offers free practice

The Corrida do Tejo, which returns to Oeiras on September 22, starts this Saturday with a free practice set, with no registration required. The first session will take place on August 31, at 10 am, at the Jamor National Sports Center Honor Stadium, and the goal is to prepare the participants so that they can give their best in the 10 km of this race, which takes place along Avenida Marginal with the Tagus as a background.

The remaining sessions are scheduled for: the 7th, at 10 am, also at the Jamor National Stadium; 14th, at 10 am, on the track of the Jamor Athletics High-Performance Center; day 19, at 18:30, near the entrance of the pools of Jamor.

Workouts are guided by GFD Running with several tips for better running performance, according to various levels (different levels (advanced, medium, started and walking/marching), and with muscle strengthening sessions and stretching.

About 6,000 people have already secured their presence at the Corrida do Tejo this year and registrations are still open on the official website of the event, with a value of 13 euros up to 7,000 registered, 14 euros up to 9,000 registered and the final value of 16 euros up to 10,000 registered.

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