“Corro com o Vento” is the breakthrough single of Pedro e os Lobos’ new album

Corro com o Vento is the first breakthrough theme for the Depois da Tempestade album early this year.

The passion for desert landscapes suggests a production that favors the large spaces and suggests a sound very close to the American classics, however it is the portraits of a more domestic daily life that inspire the composer Pedro Galhoz.
It might sound like Route 66, but it sounds like National 2, it could have as its backdrop a service station in the middle of the American desert or the great canyons, but it portrays taverns in the Alentejo and Douro terraces.

These are just some of the paintings that are part of this music script. Corro com o Vento, however, is a universal song of spirit that enhances resilience, encourages overcoming obstacles and the need to resist. It’s an inspiring song that makes us believe that it’s still worth dreaming and fighting for dreams.

Depois da Tempestade was recorded at Ponto Zurca studio and features the production of João Martins and Pedro Galhoz.

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