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Corroios received the alternative rock of Blasted Mechanism

Corroios festivities

The Corroios festivities, which once again presented a line-up of great quality, had the presence of Blasted Mechanism yesterday, for a night where rock was king.

After Virgo Suta and Mars County, the XXVII Corroios Folklore Festival, Jenifer Solidade Almeida, Sangre Ibérico, Tertúlia Coimbrã de Miratejo and Peste & Sida and Horas Vagas, among many others that passed through the various stages spread around the venue, the night belonged to the alternative rock of Blasted Mechanism, the Portuguese band of Valdjiu on bambuleco, calachacra and guitars, Ary on bass, Guitshu on vocals and keyboards, Fred Stone on drums and Riic Wolf on vocals.

Blasted Machanism > 2023.08.24 < Festas de Corroios ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

The rock band, which incorporates electronic elements, conquered the audience from the first chord, it was after 22.30 when they entered the stage, for a concert that was memorable, with Blasted taking fans on a journey through their best-known songs.

Blasted Mechanism already has many edited works including singles, EP or albums, Plasma from 1999, Mix 00 from 2000, Namaste from 2003, Avatara from 2005, Sound in Light from 2007, Mind At Large from 2009, Blasted Generation from 2012, Egotronic from 2015 and New Militia Live at NOS Alive’18.

Blasted Machanism > 2023.08.24 < Festas de Corroios ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

With several nominations for MTV awards and several awards won and a concert film “New Militia”, they continue to conquer audiences wherever they go and Corroios was no different, a strong, well-structured concert, which left everyone who attended avid for seeing them again soon.

The Corroios festivities always have a lot of animation, tents to buy gifts, utilities, or souvenirs in addition to entertainment for the whole family, exhibitions and presentations of the business fabric of the municipality, and of course, the trailers with many delicious snacks and drinks.

Blasted Machanism > 2023.08.24 < Festas de Corroios ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

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