Cörte-Real returns to editions with the single ‘Renascer’

Cörte-Real, explains that ‘Renascer‘ tells us about… a teenager who takes to the road to play. He leaves home with his guitar on his back and begins to discover the world, begins to see beyond. of everyone’s growth, ours, was in music for many years“.

Unlike previous singles ‘Tiro os Olhos do Chão‘ and ‘Perto do Fim‘ (avowedly rock), ‘Renascer‘ has a bluesy feel to it. For Cörte-Real the explanation is simple: “this theme has a few hints of Hendrix and in the live version we took it to Zeppelin. I started playing the guitar before I discovered the Blues, but it was the Blues that I found myself“.

But ‘Renascer‘ has another curiosity: it’s the first single from ‘XXV‘ with Ivan Cristiano (UHF) on drums (the previous ones had the presence of Nico Guedes from Budda Power Blues). A more than obvious choice for Cörte-Real given the history they both share “Ivan and I have been together in the UHF for 23 years, but we’ve played together before. 25 years ago he came in with another bunch of hair by the store where I worked inside to invite me to go play for Sirius. I had seen them live a few days before in a bar in Almada and I had loved it. I was without a band at the time and I accepted immediately. From then until today, in addition to the UHF, Ivan recorded the first EP of Revolta (2007) and the instrumental album Midnight In Lisbon (2011), he also played on a series of albums by other artists that I produced. all said. There are more than 1000 concerts together“.

The distribution of the album is by the Portuguese company Rastilho. A simple choice for Cörte-RealI admire Rastilho and the work that Pedro has done, especially in the world of heavier rock, punk and metal music. I am an unconditional fan of the working method and the entire national industry should be If today we have people buying vinyl and the stores have given space to this format again, we owe it to Rastilho“.

We take the opportunity to inform you that ‘XXV’ will be performed live at several concerts in the coming weeks:

February 11 – Route 66 [Freamunde] 23:30
February 12 – Mavy [Braga] 23:00
February 19 – Hive Rock Fest [Charneca de Caparica] 21:30
February 25 – Texas Bar [Leiria] 22:30

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