Cotton by Carla Bridges and fabrics by Susana Bettencourt featured

The cotton in the “Body” collection of the designer Carla Pontes and the fabrics in Susana Bettencourt’s “Resilient Individuality” were the materials that prevailed in the closing of the first day of the 43rd edition of Portugal Fashion, in Porto.

The zero floor of the Porto Customs building was filled on the night of Thursday night to see the parades of Carla Pontes, who presented her 13th collection, and Susana Bettencourt, who revealed several modern knitting techniques in the collection Spring / Summer 2019 “Resilient Individuality”.

In statements, after presenting “Corpo”, Carla Pontes highlighted the cotton as the raw material chosen in this collection for the hot season, which appeared transformed into “stretch marks” and “scars”, and which also stood out versatile pieces, strong colors such as mandarin and blue and copper, and various plastic applications.

The “Body” collection, inspired by the universe and drawing by the Austrian artist Egon Schiele (1890-1918), reveals clothing with timeless pieces to wear in a city setting, with adjustable straps and unusual button cuffs to build ever more personal and non-transferable coordinates for strengthening the identity of the user.

With the “Resilient Individuality” collection, Susana Bettencourt wants to show that individuality comes from “multiple places”, that “must be respected” and that one should be “resilient, but kind”.

Thus, on the runway, they were coordinated with various knit techniques celebrating multiculturality, as well as concern for human rights, racism, feminism, and other problems of social life.

Susana Bettencourt’s collection shows that knits are meant to stand and be used in a variety of cross-ways, just as cultures can all be intertwined and combined with each other, without distinction of gender, without racism and without homophobia.

The first day of the 43rd of Portugal Fashion was also marked by more than a dozen parades in the space ‘Bloom’, a platform dedicated to the young Portuguese designers who are studying and where the common denominator is the total freedom for the experimentation.

Throughout the morning and all afternoon, the public was able to enjoy collections inspired by the Holocaust, such as the collection of Diana Soares, inspired by the creation of the world according to the biblical vision, such as Pedro Rocha’s collection, or inspired by the dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch, as did young designer Daniela Pereira.

In this first day of Portugal Fashion, there is the particularity of the event has moved for about three hours to the new facilities of the group Cães de Pedra, in Vila do Conde, where clothing brands Decenio and Lion of Porches presented its new spring/summer 2019 collections.

The two Portuguese brands are the only ones in this edition of Portugal Fashion to present their collections outside the Customs of Porto and gave the public the opportunity to know a modeling factory structure with about “30 thousand square meters of covered area”, and where highlighted coordinated with inspiration of the Mediterranean life, in the case of the Decenio brand, and of nautical inspiration, in the case of the Lion of Porches.

The fashion event ended with a tent mounted on the catwalk during the TM Teresa Martins fashion show, the last fashion show of the night, but Portugal Fashion continues until Saturday, the day that ends with the creative parade Júlio Torcato.

This edition anticipates that during the three days there will be 35 parades of various creators and national brands, especially the debut of the pair Marques’Almeida, in addition to the presentations of the brand Sophia Kah, Carlos Gil, Diogo Miranda, Estelita Mendonça, Hugo Costa, Luís Buchinho, Luís Onofre, Miguel Vieira, Katty Xiomara, Nuno Baltazar and Storytailors, among others.

Portugal Fashion is a project of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, developed in partnership with the Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal, and is co-financed by Portugal 2020, under the Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization – Compete 2020, through European Regional Development Fund.

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