Counter the heat with the new Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro

The Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro (€129.99) is the brand’s latest novelty in Portugal, to face the heat that has not let up.

The internal 33.6Wh Li-ion battery and 12V low voltage design ensure a fresh breeze even during an unexpected power failure, with up to 18 hours of battery life. The magnetic charging base is equipped with overcharge protection, so charging will stop automatically when the battery is fully charged, and you can keep the device connected to Wi-Fi for battery optimization.

Compared with traditional fan blades, Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro’s 7+5 dual-layer wing-shaped blade can generate a much softer breeze, thus increasing comfort. The inner layer and outer layer fan blades generate airflow at different speeds, which effectively eliminates air vortex, resulting in a wider, smoother and more comfortable natural breeze.

The Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro has large, adjustable ventilation, reaching up to a maximum distance of 14 meters, to cool any space more efficiently. In addition to the traditional control buttons on the top, the fan supports voice control (Hey Google and Alexa compatible), remote control via the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app and intelligent interaction with other Xiaomi Smart Home devices.

Compared to the aluminum coil used in traditional equipment, the brushless DC motor has higher operating efficiency and lifespan, operates at a constant speed for more stable ventilation and saves more energy. Equipped with high-efficiency wing-shaped blades, it can generate a maximum airflow of 20.28 m³/min.

Another option is the Mi Smart Standing Fan 1C (€69.99) with 7 custom blades, up to 90º oscillation and standard or sleep mode.

With an adjustable frame, it allows you to easily adjust the height of the fan to be placed on the floor or desk. As for the noise, it won’t be a problem, as this fan is silent when it’s running with only 30 dB.

Like most Xiaomi products, this Mi Smart Standing Fan 1C can be remotely controlled via the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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