Bragança’s CPCJ marks Month of Prevention of Child Abuse

It is with a set of initiatives, in partnership with several entities of the Municipality, among which the Municipality of Bragança, that the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth (CPCJ) of Bragança marks, in April, the Month of Prevention of Maltreatment in Childhood.

At a time when child abuse has worsened and with the aim of sensitizing the community to this problem that continues to affect society, several institutions have joined CPCJ in Bragança, in order to develop several initiatives. Among them is the display of a Blue Ribbon (symbol of the Month for the Prevention of Child Abuse) in the buildings of the partner entities.

Students in the 4th and 5th years of the Basic Education Cycle of the Bragança School Group will be offered a blue ribbon to put on their lapels and informative material on the work developed by CPCJ and on the origin of the history of the Ribbon Blue.

The message “Educate me with love and I will be a happy child” will also be broadcast on local radio, narrated by a child, Castelo de Bragança will have its blue lighting between the 12th and 18th of April, and there will be an awareness video to be broadcast on the municipal digital channels.

What does the Blue Ribbon mean? A grandmother from the United States of America, weakened by the mistreatment of which her grandchildren were victims, placed a blue ribbon on the antenna of her car, as a way of remembering the bruises (bluish) that the children’s bodies showed.

The act intrigued the community, giving rise to the Child Abuse Prevention Movement, which became symbolized by the “Blue Ribbon”.

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