CR7: Juve already sold as many sweaters as last season

Juventus already begins to collect the first dividends after the hiring of Cristiano Ronaldo. The sale of jerseys reflects, in significant terms, the effect of the arrival of the Portuguese ace on the emblem of Turin and the numbers of last season have already been reached in … only two months.

As revealed by the Italians of Tuttosport, Juventus has sold, in the official stores located in Turin and Rome and online store, precisely the same number of sweaters sold in the last season.

Incidentally, the same publication says that if you want to order a Juventus jersey at this time, you will only receive it at the end of October, due to the high number of orders placed.

But there is more. Tuttosport also reveals an investigation carried out by the German company Idealo, specializing in e-commerce, ensures that the online sale of Juventus shirts in the European Union has already increased by 145.5% compared to the same month in 2017. Incidentally, and taking into account the estimates made for September, the Juventus jersey is the most desired in Italy and … in Austria. In Spain or United Kingdom is the seventh most coveted.

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