CR7 watched the humiliation of Sporting and the concert of the Benfica orchestra

Benfica beat Sporting in Alvalade 4-2 in the eternal derby in the big match of the 20th matchday of the Portuguese League. With this result, the title is practically a mirage for the lions.

Summary: Look for synonyms of humiliation in the dictionary. That’s how Sporting left Alvalade. The score was still matched with Bas Dost’s 89th-minute penalty, but Benfica’s display of superiority over the match over his eternal rival was glaring.

At 36 minutes, Benfica already wins by 2-0 with goals from Seferovic and João Félix. Bruno Fernandes even reduced at the end of the first half, but in the second half, Rúben Dias and Pizzi (on conversion of a penalty) put one of the easier K’s of the Eagles to his eternal rival.

Good afternoon, a derby lord with a show from João ‘Felixidade’

Alvalade told the story of the 304 derbies between Sporting and Benfica on Saturday. The ‘scribe’ of the new eternal chapter did not have time to land the pen in the first 45 minutes of play.

The green and white ‘court’, early, was ‘electrocuted’ by a thunderbolt, his name, João Félix Sequeira. In the fifth minute, the 19-year-old was on the verge of the first goal, but at 11 ‘the little before he finished was a happy’ bocadão ‘for the colours incarnated. From Gabriel’s steal, a superb pass to Grimaldo came in from the penalty spot. There used to be Seferovic who headed for the 11th goal in the championship.

In a red carousel, which was speeding, the lion seemed too young to follow the law of the grown-ups, dictated by the pupils of Bruno Lage. At 24 ‘, over 3,000 fans of Benfica who were in the green and white could have been exalted with the new’ gallop ‘of the eagles … but the VAR nullified the goal to João Félix, due to lack of advanced on Wendel.

If at the first depression, the lion’s pain was cured with the VAR. At 36 ‘, João Félix, after a great pass from Seferovic, even broke the box of Renan. The marker changed, Alvalade froze, but at the edge of the interval a heater, his name Bruno Fernandes, reduced on the score and gave new hope to the lion.

A hope that did not pass from the paper, because Benfica continued clinging to the fifth change

In the middle of the week, the country was shaken by the depression Helena, who did some material damage throughout the country … and, during this Saturday, the damage also happened in Alvalade. The depression Helena gave rise to the storm Lage that, at the beginning of the complementary stage, made to succumb the Sporting the new hecatomb.

In the second minute of the second half, Reuben Dias answered with class and category, head, to a free side of Pizzi. The patience of the Sporting supporters began to follow the marching of the marker and, more than once, the whistles punished wrong passes of the lion players.

In a rather unbalanced derby, the lion finished the game of cats. Pizzi still channelled the fourth, with a penalty, to punish Renan’s absence on John Félix. The K.O was already given … and Sporting still tried to make up the score with a goal from Diaby, following a cross from Jefferson, but the VAR cancelled the play offside.

The story of this game seemed to have no end … and always something else to tell. Bas Dost reduced the lead after 89 minutes to 1 – And Vlachodimos – who will miss the Portuguese Cup midweek derby – was sent off following the foul on the Dutchman.

With this result, Sporting remain in the 4th place with 39 points, seven of Sp. Braga, nine of Benfica, and 10 of FC Porto (of which there may be 13, in case of victory, tonight, in front of Vitória SC). Ronaldo watched ‘in loco’ to the meeting … and with what lessons will have left the striker of Juve de Alvalade?

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