Crato Festival starts tomorrow focused on the public of “8 to 80 years”

Artists Ugly Kid Joe, Morcheeba, Xutos & Pontapés and Richie Campbell are the heads-of-posters of the Crato Music Festival, in the district of Portalegre, which starts Wednesday.

The festival, which will run until Saturday, is promoted by the municipality that also bets on the aspects of handicrafts, with about 70 exhibitors, and the gastronomy of the region with the representation of about 18 bars and an official restaurant.

“The profile of the festival is as comprehensive as possible in order to be able to respond to the public from the age of eight to 80,” said the mayor, Joaquim Diogo.

On the first official day of the festival, the musical projects Slow J, Calema, will close on stage, closing the night with a concert by Richie Campbell.

The Four and Half, Wet Bed Gang, Tiago Bettencourt and Ugly Kid Joe are, in turn, the concerts announced for Thursday, on the main stage of the venue.

The third day of the festival will be marked by the concerts of Raquel Tavares, Mando Diao and Morcheeba.

The show “closes doors” on Saturday with concerts by Blaya, Expensive Soul with special participation by Jimmy P and Xutos & Pontapés.

From Wednesday to Saturday, after the concerts, ‘After Hours’ are announced with DJs Ana Isabel Arroja, Rob Willon, João Vaz and Karetus, as well as Nuno Luz and Beatbombers.

In the so-called “stage two”, next to the handicraft and gastronomy fair will also pass several musicians, mainly linked to artistic projects developed in that region, and free tickets to this area of ??the event.

Before the festival, the organization promotes a series of musical performances tonight, highlighting the concert that brings together the Quinta do Bill with the Crato Philharmonic.

The organization also provides a space for all the festival-goers who want to camp in the area.

The Crato Festival is certified by the company Valnor, Valorisation and Treatment of Solid Waste as EcoEvento, so in the enclosure will be placed several ecopoints and used, for the first time, reusable glasses.

For the president of the municipality of Crato “it is important” to work to “reduce waste substantially” in the festival grounds and to pass “a good example” together of the festival.

“Through this action we also want to show the sense of responsibility of this event and it is also an attempt of the event to grow in terms of what are the environmental concerns that we should all have,” he added.

Ticket prices for the Festival do Crato vary, during the four days, between 12 and 15 euros, and tickets can also be purchased with access to the occasional camping, in this period, worth 52 euros.

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