Created plastic that can inactivate coronavirus

The cumulative number of people infected by COVID-19 has already exceeded 29 million and the number of deaths is already 936 thousand. A solution is needed, be it a vaccine or treatment, to combat COVID-19.

A study released this Tuesday shows that a plastic is able to eliminate 99.84% of the particles from the coronavirus after two minutes of contact.

The plastic, made of polyethylene and with microparticles of silver and silica (silicon oxide) in its structure, was able to eliminate almost all the particles of the new virus after just two minutes of contact.

This plastic was launched by Promaflex, a company specialized in the production of this type of films. The material was developed by the company Nanox with the support of the innovative research program for small companies of the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP).

For the study, samples of materials with and without silver and silica microparticles incorporated into the structure were used, which were maintained in direct contact with SARS-CoV-2 at different time intervals.

The manufacturer of the plastic with the additive recommends its use for up to three months, in order to avoid wearing the material due to excessive contact.

Adhesive film is the second plastic material with silver and silica microparticles marketed by Nanox, which developed a reusable mask made with a flexible plastic and the additive applied to its surface.

Silver and silica microparticles have also been applied by Nanox to fabrics for the development of anti-COVID-19 clothing. In fabrics, silver and silica microparticles are impregnated on the surface by an immersion process, followed by drying and fixing, called ‘pad-dry-cure’.

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