Cremilda Medina live on B.Leza

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Cremilda Medina takes to the stage of B.Leza Clube in Lisbon on the 22nd of October, a concert included in the “Circuito Lisboa”, support approved by the Municipality of Lisbon to Lisbon spaces in rooms and clubs with their own live music programme, within the scope of LisboaProtege.

With a striking personality, sweet voice and simple manner, Cremilda Medina is committed to a musical career based on tradition, in the appreciation and dissemination of Morna, a musical style with which she most identifies, and which best portrays the essence of the people of Cape Verde.

She carries with her part of the culture of her country and has already deserved national and international recognition, including the two awards for “World Music” in the USA and the award for best Morna in Cape Verde.
Neste concerto promete fazer uma viagem às suas raízes, levando consigo para o palco do B.Leza, Armando Tito, Stephan Almeida e José António para um espetáculo intimista fazendo lembrar as tocatinas de outrora, onde a Morna, Património Cultural Imaterial da Humanidade, será rainha.

Songs full of nostalgia and nostalgia is everything you can expect on a special night that starts at 10:30 pm, where there will be no lack of themes from the past to relive memories, shorten distances and comfort hearts.

Cremilda Medina stands out as one of the most beautiful voices in Cape Verde today and makes the morna her flag, this year being nominated in the category of best female performer and best morna at the CVMA Cabo Verde Music Awards.

Tickets are already on sale here and to have access to the concert at the entrance it is mandatory to present the Digital Vaccination Certificate valid as well as the presentation of the identification document.

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