Cremilda Medina takes music from Cape Verde to Seixal

Seixal World Music

The Cape Verdean singer was at Seixal World Music and took the mornas and coladeiras to the audience, in a late afternoon that was unfortunately cold and windy at Parque Urbano Zeca Afonso in Miratejo, but which Cremilda warmed up with her music.

Cremilda Medina, one of the most beautiful voices in Cape Verde today, with sympathy and contagious smile, took us on a tour of Cape Verdean music, especially the mornas, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

He was on stage in the company of renowned musicians such as Nando Andrade, on piano and musical direction, Danielson Fonseca on guitar, Zé Paris on bass, Zé António on cavaquinho and Cau Paris on drums, after more than a year without participating in concerts, by this in the words of the singer “it is with great joy to be back on stage“.

Seixal World Music 2021, in its fourth edition, is a festival with concerts dedicated to popular and traditional music made around the world. Created and played by musicians from various latitudes, with original instruments and native rhythms.

The Seixal World Music Festival took place on June 19th and 20th, admission is free.

On June 19 in addition to Cremilda Medina were present

  • Bellows Orchestra (Portugal)

The Orquestra de Foles is the group of the Portuguese Association for the Study and Dissemination of Bagpipes that, since its foundation in 1999, has studied and made known the rich material and intangible heritage of bagpipes in Portugal . Works the traditional Portuguese repertoire for this instrument with a new look and a modern approach.

  • David Pérez and his Cuadro Flamenco (Spain)

The renowned and award-winning Sevillian dancer David Pérez with a show that mixes the roots of ancient flamenco with the more contemporary, in a presentation that promises to delight lovers of this very characteristic dance.

David Pérez on flamenco dance, Miguel Pérez on guitar, Jeromo Segura voice and clapping and Dani Carbonell on percussion.

On June 20th it was time to

  • Moçoilas (Portugal) – Sounds from another Algarve

Composed by Inês Rosa, Margarida Guerreiro and Teresa Silva (the third cycle of a generation of women/girls), the Moçoilas was born from the desire to rekindle and recover the corners of the South, more precisely in the Algarve region. Forgotten or hidden in time and in the depths of a mountain full of sounds, smells, colours and unique knowledge, these songs are part and represent a large part of our cultural heritage, reflecting the soul and traditions of a Serra do Caldeirão, where the singing has always been a national identity.

  • Victor Zamora and Havana Way present Gracías, Compay! (Cuba)

Victor Zamora y Havana Way is a formation of Cuban musicians created by pianist Victor Zamora, based in Lisbon for more than 20 years, as a tribute to traditional Cuban music from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Gracías, Compay! is a concert in tribute to the one who was one of the greatest representatives of Cuban traditional music and who, through sounds, guarachas and boleros, made the world dance, Compay Segundo.

Victor Zamora’s piano is virtuous and passionate. His Cuban origins and the jazz world where he grew up and began to develop his first projects give his compositions a unique tone. A rigorous musical training, tempered by the sound of the streets, which he received in Cuba, was the food for the imagination of a child fascinated by music. A past of stories that could have led him to the guitar and not the piano, his discovery of it as an extension of himself, explain the intensity with which he plays, always demanding and precise. Composer, but plastic enough to brilliantly interpret the music of others, makes him one of the most sought after pianists. Paulo de Carvalho, Salvador Sobral, Jandira Silva, Gene García, Diego el Gavi, Nelson Cascais, Bruno Pedroso, or Maria Anadon are just a few examples.

Victor Zamora on musical direction, piano, choirs, Pedro Aguilar Corrales on electric bass and choirs, Ivan Campillo on drums and choirs, Osvaldo Pegudo on percussion, Raidel Gonzaléz Ortiz on trumpet, Gretel Tamames, vocals and José Debray, voice and tres Cuban.

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