Cremilda Medina performs at the Seixal World Music Festival

Cape Verdean singer Cremilda Medina will take Morna de Cabo Verde to the Seixal World Music Festival that takes place next weekend, June 19th and 20th, at Parque Urbano José Afonso, in Miratejo, parish of Corroios, Seixal in Portugal.

It will be two days in which music, an immemorial cultural expression common to all humanity, captivates, enchants and awakens, but also promotes tolerance, understanding and knowledge among peoples where Cremilda Medina will take the stage on June 19th at 8:30 pm. On the same day, the Bellows Orchestra and David Pérez y su Cuadro Flamenco, from Spain, also perform.

The Bellows Orchestra returns to perform on June 20, followed by the Portuguese band Moçoilas and the Cubans Victor Zamora y Havana Way.

This year, Seixal World Music returns to Miratejo, with concerts dedicated to popular and traditional music made around the world, through native rhythms from Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde and Cuba. Created and played by musicians from various latitudes, with instruments and original native rhythms, the song brings to José Afonso Urban Park several accents full of excitement and joy.

Cremilda Medina stands out as one of the most beautiful voices in Cape Verde today, ambassador of her country’s traditional music, makes the morna her flag.

With a sweet voice and a contagious smile, she takes us back to places and experiences of the past. The morna, today Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is her guiding star, but she also sings the coladeira and insists on keeping alive the roots of her country, its culture and its people.

She performs for the first time in Seixal and brings with her themes where she sings about love, farewell, the sea and the essence of the people of the Creole islands. It will certainly be a special night full of emotions, in which she will interpret the successes that have earned her international recognition.

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