Cremilda Medina presents “Folclore” in Oeiras

The Cape Verdean singer gave her second concert in Portugal and presented from her album “Folclore”, at Fábrica da Pólvora de Barcarena, in Oeiras and enchanted the audience with her sweet and warm voice to the rhythm of “coladeras” and “mornas”.

Possessing a contagious sympathy, Cremilda Medina, performed at the Fabrica da Pólvora in Barcarena, this was the second time on stage, after 5 months of stoppage due to the containment measures due to the coronavirus, according to the artist, the ascent to the stage caused a mixture of joy and nervousness.

But it was the joy and sympathy that was seen on stage, with a sure presence, enchanted those present with fantastic and rhythmic music and despite the measures of social distance, the audience jumped out of their seats to dance and sing the most well-known themes with Cremilda.

Morna“, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco, was the biggest star, compositions by Morgadinho, Paulino Vieira, Manuel d’Novas, Ti Goi, Antero Simas with which Cremilda took us on a journey through Cape-Verde, its traditions, which enchant’s not only the Portuguese public but increasingly the world.

Themes such as “Raio de Sol” by Miguel Silva and Renato Monteiro and that was the ramp for the launch of “Folclore”, “Sonho dum Criola”, “Divôrce Um ‘Ca Ta Sená” and “Nôs Morna” among several others in the company of fantastic musicians, at the piano Nando Andrade also responsible for and musical direction, Dany Fonseca at the guitar, Nandocas on the bass, Zé António on the “cavaquinho” and Nir Parisque on the drums, that increased the charm of the night.

In the audience was the Ambassador of Cape Verde in Portugal, Dr Eurico Monteiro and Drª Manuela Brito, Tito Paris among other well-known names in Cape Verde music. On behalf of the Oeiras City Council, Dr Barreto Xavier, Municipal Director of Education, Social Development and Culture who promoted this concert, thanked Cremilda Medina and the musicians for bringing Oeiras a joy to the hearts of people in this very special moment that we’re all going through.

Cremilda Medina one of the rising names in traditional Cape Verdean music was born and grew up on Monte Cara, São Vicente and soon started her way in music, sharing stages with big names in music, such as Diva Barros, Titina Rodrigues, Boy Gê Mendes, Grace Évora, Michel Montrond, Neuza Pina, Mirri Lobo, Boss AC and the Brazilian singer Diogo Nogueira, Angolan Heavy C and singer Shaudeh Price.

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