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Cremilda Medina, uma voz que transcende amor e delicadeza

A cada novo trabalho, Cremilda Medina consolida-se cada vez mais como uma das vozes mais marcantes da Morna em Cabo Verde

Cremilda Medina, one of Morna’s voices in Cape Verde, released the single “Amá Sem Mêde

Cremilda’s new singleAmá Sem Mêdereveals herself as a more mature, sweeter and more self-assured artist, with her simplicity in interpretation, both her voice and her body expression, have the ability to transmit each word and feeling, in a composition written by Morgadinho.

This single was released in December last year, on the day that Morna’s first anniversary was celebrated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, a very special day for Cape Verde and for the musical style that made the Creole islands known to the world in the middle of the Atlantic.

Cremilda Medina embodies the character in each theme that she interprets as if her voice enters us in the soul and makes us feel the pure air of the islands of Creole morabeza, transporting us to another dimension.

Cremilda have been asserting themselves in the musical panorama of Cape Verde, claiming for themselves their own space, their own way of being in the world of music, with humility and simplicity, a posture increasingly in disuse in the current musical panorama.

Morna became known worldwide through various names of composers and interpreters, and Cremilda Medina is part of these artists, thus following the line of all those who took the name Cape Verde to the World, having in their voice another vehicle of transmission of a country’s culture.

Watch the live stream concert by Cremilda Medina, accompanied by Humberto Ramos at the piano, from the Municipal Auditorium of Cinfães, on 5 June last year:


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