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TikTok creators put on a great “show” at the Capitol

The 4 of the biggest Portuguese creators of TikTok gave a “show” in a show designed by Cifrão, with lots of music, humour, guests and of course dancing, for a room full of fans of all ages.

Capitólio was on fire with the countdown to the start of the show and the entry of Constanza Ariza, Rafael Santos, Leonor Filipa and Rodrigo Alves, was a total explosion, with bold choreography that of course was being recorded and broadcast live by the fans. Abreu was the service presenter and DJ Mojo responsible for the music.

With several special guests, including Rita Laranjeira, Capinha, Fernando Daniel and fantastic dancers, who kept captive all fans of this new reality on the internet, TikTok.

Constança foi a primeira a entrar em palco, a pedido dos fãs, para uma pequena conversa com Abreu, mega feliz por estar no palco, Constança está no TikTok já há 6 anos, tinha 15 anos quando começou, e dá á público o conselho ‘façam o que gostam, divirtam-se e não liguem aos maus comentários‘, e terminou a dançar uma musica espanhola.

Rafa foi o segundo a ser chamado por Abreu, agradece a todos os que o ajudaram a fazer o percurso que o levou ao palco do Capitólio no TikTok á mais ou menos 2 anos, tem sido uma viagem  louca, momento marcante para Rafa neste percurso “este, estar neste palco com uma casa cheia“. O conselho do Rafa, é nos dias em que não têm motivação, como, lhe acontece ele, disciplina-te, concentra-te, pode não dá certo a primeira, a segunda ou terceira, mas acredita, vai dar certo, e termina esta passagem pelo palco dançando para gáudio dos fãs.


Leonor, then went on stage to talk to the presenter, and reveals that she never thought about going on stage, “it’s amazing to be here” she says, since 2016 on the TikTok platform, to do what she likes the most, “have fun”, and clear ends up dancing with the audience applauding.

Rodrigo, the fourth and last of the creators, confesses to being well, less nervous, that before starting the show, in 2016 and creating content on TikTok, he says that what marked him the most were the meets that were held in Lisbon and Porto, that allowed to be with fans and friends.

The extremely friendly creators, always facing the audience, always interacting with them, who support them not only on the platform but also live, so it was a very special moment when the 4 chose fans, to go on stage, and dance with them, Madalena, Carolina, Bia, danced with the creators and in the end, they even received a t-shirt to remember this moment.

The show had several surprise guests, such as Capinha, Fernando Daniel and Rita Laranjeira, who was the first special guest to take the stage, having participated in, signed by Universal, recorded her first single, a theme that she performed on stage “Eu vou e Volto”. He thanked the applause, says that the EP will be out soon, and by the end of the year he will present his first album. He thanks Universal for the opportunity but also his responsibility, but he feels that he is in a family that gives him full support.

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