Criasons Festival opens competition for composers

All programs will be presented at the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos, and all new works will be edited on CD.

The new compositions will be evaluated by a committee composed by the resident composers of this edition of the fetival: António Victorino d’Almeida, Carlos Azevedo, Mário Laginha, Pedro Caldeira Cabral and Tiago Derriça, being chaired by conductor Brian MacKay.


The commission will choose five emerging composers, who will be invited to compose a new work, assisted in their creative work by the resident composer whose program his work integrates.

This new work will be presented, in premiere, at the 3rd Festival Criasons 2020/2021, being part of five different programs in fifteen concerts, with interpretation by Camerata Vocal and Instrumental Musicamera, still with no definite date.

Of the five finalist composers, one will be chosen to be part of the Resident Composers panel for the next edition of the Criasons Festival, in 2022/23.

The festival is an initiative of Musicamera Produções, aiming to rescue contemporary Portuguese music, bringing it discursive fluency and media visibility.

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