Cristiana Santos presents “Fica comigo”

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The new voice of national pop and soul music, Cristiana Santos, launches this week the perfect ballad for this end of the year.

Fica comigo” by Cristiana herself and co-authored by Rui Ribeiro and Ricardo Ferreira (Blim Records), is a theme that is easy to relate to, after all it tells the story that we all live at some point in our lives – how the composer explains; “The lyrics themselves are something very intimate, as it turns out to be a feeling that I went through and that almost all of us go through at some point in our lives.

Love is always present in different ways. Stay With Me turns out to be a poem I wrote while thinking about how frustrated it is when we end a relationship. In the end, there may be bad memories, but there are also good ones. This song speaks of a second attempt at a relationship. Do want to try one more time, because the feeling is strong and true. It is not specifically addressed to anyone but is associated with what feelings when we like someone and want to fight for someone.

The video, produced and directed by Yo Cliché, conveys a feeling of melancholy and simplicity, with the fabulous scenery of Lisbon as a backdrop.

After a more up-tempo first single, it’s clear in this theme that the artist is more comfortable in an intimate and personal record. But above all, it shows the versatility that Cristiana Santos had already shown to the audience of the program “The Voice”. We can only wait to realize that more surprises are in store for the artist’s debut album, which is scheduled for release early next year.

Cristiana Santos is a singer and songwriter born in Porto. She has always been very connected to the arts, starting to draw at a very young age. She was part of an amateur theater group, in Skené-group of Amateur Theater of Gondomar. At the same time, she started to learn dance, with 5 years of classical ballet, as well as hip-hop and ballroom, and took piano lessons. She was also discovering and training her voice. She entered the Audiovisual world and explored photography and multimedia with a specialization in cinema. After high school she decided to study jazz singing at the Porto Conservatory of Music and later at the Porto Jazz School.

Citing Ella Fitzgerald as her biggest vocal reference and being a fan of vintage music and the sound of vinyl, Cristiana Santos started her solo career in 2021.

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