Cristiano Ronaldo makes history and can already proclaim ‘CR400’

Portuguese forward is the first player in history to reach 400 goals in the top five European Leagues.

Accustomed to making history wherever he passes, Cristiano Ronaldo can join, from this Saturday, a new record unpublished to his already full curriculum.

Juventus became the first ever player to reach 400 goals in the top five European leagues: Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.

The Portuguese international began writing this beautiful story in 2003 when he left Alvalade for Old Trafford. With the Manchester, United jersey made the taste to the foot for 84 times in the English championship.

In 2009, he signed for Real Madrid in exchange for 100 million euros, in which, to date, was the highest value ever paid by a football player. CR7 did not beat expectations and scored 311 goals in the Spanish league after 292 matches.

This summer, he started to conquer Italian football and, with eight matches, he signed the fifth goal, which finished the 400 throughout his career. In comparison, Lionel Messi, of Barcelona, takes 389.

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