Cristina Branco presented “Eva” at Cineteatro Capitólio

Last Thursday, 8 October, the artist Cristina Branco presented her most recent project entitled “Eva” at Cineteatro Capitólio.

“Eva” is the title of Cristina Branco‘s most recent album, where she signs the musical production together with her musicians Bernardo Couto, on the Portuguese guitar, Bernardo Moreira, on the double bass, and Luís Figueiredo, on the piano.

The work stated that Cristina Branco is definitely one of the most important personalities in Portuguese music of recent times. Throughout her career, she has been awarded the Best Album of 2017 by the Portuguese Authors Society, and nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Individual Performer. Shows across Europe are multiplying and indicate that the term “fado-jazz” is making more and more sense. The construction of the narrative of a unique journey by Cristina Branco continues to be recognized beyond borders.

Eva” represents Cristina’s alter-ego, recreates the universe of a woman full of strength and full of doubts, focusing on current Portuguese music and was worked in a residence in Loulé (Auditorium of Solar da Música Nova) and that extended to Copenhagen (Denmark) during the month of December.

The concert at the Cineteatro Capitólio, in Lisbon, started with the song “Fria Claridade“, by Amália Rodrigues, this year that marks Amália’s centenary, as a beautiful melody full of feeling and longing for the Portuguese fado singer.

After singing acapella, her companions entered the stage for the song “Conta-me dos Vivos”, followed by “Prova de Esforço”, “Quando Eu Quiser”, “Contas de Multiplicar”, “Eu Por Engomar”, “Nao Há Só Tangos em Paris”, “Delicadeza”, “Inferno do Céu”, “Aula De Natação”, among others.


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