Cristóvam live on July 5 at Teatro Maria Matos

Like a setting sun that predicts a serene night, the day was long and the time is one of change for Cristóvam.

A year has passed since the phenomenon Andrà Tutto Bene made known the voice of the Azorean singer-songwriter to the world and in the middle of the Atlantic, far from any kind of pressure, time seems to have more time and Cristóvam decided to spend this atypical year in his studio working on new songs. Setting Sun, The Spine and Love, Be On My Side were themes released in the meantime, which confirmed the existence of a new audience that is still a bit mysterious for the musician himself, given the distance from the stage imposed by the pandemic.

On July 5th, Cristóvam performs at Teatro Maria Matos, in an intimate show that will take the audience on an authentic journey through his repertoire. With passages through songs from his debut album “Hopes & Dreams”, his most recent singles and even new songs with a premiere scheduled for the day, this will also be a show that, as it has been tradition and something a little identity. of the artist’s concerts, there will also be a storytelling aspect, where the musician tells some of the stories and adventures behind his creations.

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