Cristóvam presents “Hopes & Dreams”

Teatro Maria Matos

It was on July 5th that Cristóvam presented his album “Hopes & Dreams” at Teatro Maria Matos.

Owner of a hoarse voice, the author of “Andrà Tutto Bene” enchanted a sold-out audience from the 1st note, the Azorean singer and composer, shamelessly reinforcing that he is from Terceira Island and who loves the Azores, brought to the theatre stage themes like Walk in the Rain”, “The Old Man’s Tail”, “Lifeline”, “The way We Go”, “The Spine and “Love, Be On My Side”, “Burning Memories”, an intimate night, where between songs the stories of some of them were told. To accompany him, in some of these songs, he calls on the stage two friends, coincidentally both are called Francisco Santos, one plays the drums and the other bass.

And about “Waking the Rain” he says that “it was written on a night when I was coming from Loures, where I was recording some “things,” it rained a lot, and he worried about the guitar and took shelter in some awnings as he wrote. the song”. As a curious to note that the song is part of the soundtrack of the 2016 film “A Canção de Lisboa”.

For the next song, we go back a few years, he describes that he grew up in the Azores and that while he was growing up, he was a bit stubborn about “making and playing music”, because it was difficult, and in a given year he did two concerts in a cafe, on another island, he stayed in a house alone with no phone, no wi-fi, no net, today’s perks, arriving at 9 am, time to start the concert, there was no public at the cafe and the owner tells him “it’s a shovel starts playing that the people will arrive“, half an hour later no one had arrived, says the owner “keep playing that here the guys are anyway and they will start arriving“, he had already gone around the repertoire and at around 10 am a person enters, drinks a beer and go out, keep singing the owner must have made 2 euros, on the way out I told him “I didn’t even make money for myself, tomorrow will be better, but if not we have to talk about the cachet“, saving us details tells us that the next day no one showed up. When I went to the airport the flight was cancelled because of the fog and I had to go back to the house where I was completely alone, and I started to think, with this pressure, because that thing about the concerts had hurt me, I started to think about what had happened, and if he was just going to have concerts like that, he was going to be a frustrated person, and he wrote a song about a person talking about him (that frustrated person) and writes “The Old Man’s Tail.

This was followed by “Chin up”, a theme that is part of a group of songs that will be part of their second album, which is being recorded. On this topic, he tells us that “people think he is a negativist person, but he says no, that he just thinks of the worst-case scenario so that if it happens, be prepared for it.” He considers himself a realistic person. This song was written from the perspective of people who are always positive about everything.

Released less than a year ago, the following song has a presentation video, which promotes the Azores, filmed by Pedro Varela, the artist sings us “Setting Sun”, and invites the audience to sing with him.

Cristóvam did for the band October Flight, having started his solo journey in 2015 when he made known to the world the theme “Burning Memories” which earned him the international Song of the Year and Best Pop Performance awards in the 2020 prestigious International Songwriting Competition.

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