Cristóvam presents new single “Golden Days”

Anticipating the release of his new album of originals, “Songs on a Wire”, Cristóvam now releases the single “Golden Days”.

Bursting with warm, sunny tones, “Golden Days” evokes the carefree spontaneity of a twenty-year-old, thanks to its light and liberating energy, encouraging the listener to live and enjoy the moment. With its chorus sprinkled with loose guitars and sweeping melody, “Golden Days” transports us to the beginning of spring, in our youthful days. According to Cristóvam himself, there is a beautiful parallel between spring and youth, which he hopes he managed to capture in this song.

Cristóvam is a Portuguese singer and songwriter, born in the verdant Terceira Island of the Azores. His compositions unquestionably shine in a unique and particular way, which is not unrelated to his growth process, surrounded by the countless records from the collection of his grandfather, a pioneer of Atlântico radio.

Cristóvam is the winner of several international awards, such as first prize in the independent artist category at the prestigious International Songwriting Competition of 2018, or two awards from the International Portuguese Music Awards: Pop Performance and Song of the Year.

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