Crusader Kings 3 lets you play as bisexual or asexual rulers

Crusader Kings 3 is a big ol’ sandbox that promises to let you slip into the shoes of all sorts of medieval rulers, and while history likes to emphasise the accomplishments of heterosexual men, it looks like Paradox is avoiding that trap.

“CK3 truly is a diverse game; it spans a map of nearly half the world and almost six centuries of history,” reads the latest dev diary. “This world is inhabited by a myriad of titles, cultures, faiths, and characters. It’s been our goal to represent all of these things with a great level of detail and accuracy to give you all a deeply immersive experience with more dynamic elements and player choice than ever before.”

‘Accuracy’ has been used to excuse myriad oversights when it comes to gender and race representation in games. Even The Witcher 3’s choice to make everyone white was defended as historically accurate, despite the fact that it’s a fantasy game and wouldn’t even be accurate if it wasn’t. Thankfully, Paradox isn’t using historical accuracy as an excuse to limit CK3, instead using it to add even more options and diversity.

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