‘Crusader Kings 3’ will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series

Microsoft has announced that ‘Crusader Kings 3’ will be released on the Xbox Series, namely for the Xbox Game Pass. The game also has confirmed arrival on Sony’s PlayStation 5.

‘Crusader Kings 3’ was released in 2020 on PC and is considered by strategy game fans as one of the best of its kind today. Originally developed by Paradox Interactive, this console version will be produced by Lab42.

It is known that the Xbox Series version will allow you to quickly switch between the game and YouTube, which will make it easier to learn game mechanics via video tutorials, while the PlayStation 5 version will take advantage of the vibration of the DualSense controller to increase levels of immersion.

‘Crusader Kings 3’ still has no release date announced on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

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