Crypto coins can allow “thinking a more global world”

Venture capital investor Tim Draper argued today at the Web Summit that digital currencies can “think the world more globally.”

In a very passionate tone and wearing a tie with symbols of ‘bitcoin’, in the central stage of the conference of technology and innovation, held in Lisbon, the founder of Draper Associates guaranteed that electronic money is a “huge opportunity to think the world more globally “and abandon the” tribes “model.

“The bad politicians are going to try to stop, the good ones will give all the power and encourage the cryptocurrencies,” defended the investor, giving the example of the heavy hand used by China and the opening made possible by Japan.

Draper also questioned the audience about the reason for relying on “political currencies” and central banks that “print money for whatever reason because they want to.”

“We have to press for this choice of (cryptocurrency) and buy, instead of looking at the banks from where those people come out with expensive facts and who are using your money.”

In the same panel, the manager and co-founder of Initialized Capital, Garry Tan, echoed the need to “decentralize and give people” monetary policy, including facilitating the task of technology developers.

“Here (in crypto coins) people have options,” he concluded.

Peter Smith, co-founder and CEO of Blockchain, a wallet, which allows you to exchange and transact digital coins, also explained how technology on the ‘new’ money base gives people choices, especially countries without controlled inflation.

“You can give Nigerian access to the US dollar. I do not know if it’s what I want or what I want, but it’s about giving people options,” he said.

With the “so small” currency crypto market, in comparison to the entire financial sector, “there is still a lot of room to grow” and there must also be “humility” about the size of the market, he argued.

“With a small market still there is centralized speculation, which is no different” than others in the traditional money market, noted Peter Smith, who chose as the biggest challenge in digital currencies “to give users real control.”

At the moment of making predictions about the evolution of crypto coins, Tim Draper said he believes that he will reach “solidity”, but he does not know yet when and how. According to the investor, there may be an increase in value if financial giants like Goldman Sachs “realize that they can only buy companies from cryptocurrency with crypto coins and whatever they have to do at high prices, further increasing value.”

Already Peter Smith, who remembered having missed forecasts in the past, did not want to advance numbers but said he remained optimistic and there will be rises.

Moments before this panel, Blockchain CEO assured that “new technologies are difficult if not used” and to ensure that everyone can join the “crypto revolution” announced the offer of digital currency.

At subscription, the official called the largest crypto offer in history and involves $ 125 million in ‘stellar’ (a type of digital currency).

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