Cuca Rosetta and Alphaville perform at the Góis festival

A concert by the fado singer Cuca Rosetta will open on Saturday evening the celebrations of Góis, closing these with the performance of the German band Alphaville, on the 15th, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Municipal Concentration of the county.

Dedicated to youth, whose International Day is celebrated on Sunday, the first day of the program also includes, at 15:00, the seminar “House of Alice Sande: the various times of a place”, a posthumous evocation of this natural miniaturist of Góis, in the district of Coimbra.

“This year’s festivities are welcomed by the population with a sense of motivation and self-esteem different from 2017,” said Mayor Maria de Lurdes Castanheira, recalling that last year’s festivities took place two months after the fires of 17 of June, which broke out in Alvares (Góis) and Escalos Fundeiros (Pedrógão Grande), in which 66 people died and more than 250 were injured.

The Alphaville concert, which dates back to 1982 in Münster, in former Federal Germany, is funded by the local authority, representing an investment of 50,000 euros “which is not in vain”, since “all ticket revenue” will be delivered to the local Volunteer Firefighters, to support the acquisition of a vehicle that the humanitarian association “needs the most,” said Lurdes Castanheira.

With the Festivities of Góis, the municipality intends to “make known the full potential” of the municipality, which has a population of about 4,000 people, but which generally attracts 20 thousand visitors during the Motocross Concentration, which follows on the 15th, to the festivities of the county, organized by Góis Moto Clube and by the City Council, respectively.

With the aim of providing “more development to the county,” the municipality invests 150,000 euros at parties, including costs with the Alphaville and logistical support for the concentration of motards, according to Lurdes Castanheira.

The bands Ginga and Quinta do Bill act on the second day, Sunday, while on Monday is celebrated the municipal holiday, with the official ceremonies and the presence of the singer Suzana. The Tuesday has the performance of Alcoolémia.

On Wednesday, a national holiday of August 15, in addition to the inauguration of a sculpture by the Galician artist Armando Martinez, alluding to the 25 years of the international concentration of motorcycles, the program includes the participation of the group of concertinas players The 4 Mens, at 10:00 p.m., followed by the German band Alphaville two hours later, with tickets priced at five euros, with the night’s income attributed to the Firemen.

The Fair of Tasquinhas and the Fair without Rules are other initiatives of the responsibility of the autarchy, between August 15 and 19.

Then, also in these five days, “the greatest encounter between the engines and the nature celebrates” the Silver Wedding, with the Góis Moto Clube betting once again on the motto “It is well!”.

For a “fun but safe environment,” one asks for “respect, civility and tolerance,” said Jaime Garcia, one of the founders of the meeting and president of the club’s general assembly.

The Germans Alphaville, Quim Barreiros, David Antunes (with Simone de Oliveira and other guests) and the Danish rock band DAD, on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th. , as well as other artists and groups.

The general ticket costs 30 euros, but for the first time the organization introduces the daily ticket at a price of five euros in the first two days and 15 euros in the remaining three days.

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