Taking care of your health at Oeiras Parque

Screenings and lectures at Shopping da Linha

With the support of the Municipality of Oeiras, and thinking about the well-being of its visitors, Oeiras Parque will promote a Health Fair for 3 days.

From April 14th to 16th, “Saúde na Linha” will provide free check-ups and lectures on important topics, in an action that aims to take care of the health and fitness of those who visit it.

In these screenings, it will be possible to check eye strain and the risk of diabetes, assess cardiovascular risk and lactose intolerance, screen for chronic venous insufficiency, and measure a series of other important factors in the areas of dermo-cosmetics, pharmaceutical services, oral hygiene, vision, hearing and nutrition.

On the 15th, Saturday, “Saúde na Linha” will stage several health professionals who, through short lectures, will clarify the themes “Impact of Technology on Adolescent Health”, “UV Radiation for a Healthy Summer”, “Intimate Hygiene and Urinary Infections”, “Oral Hygiene in Child Health” and “Oral Hygiene in Adult Health”.

The screenings will be available between 10.30 am and 8 pm, prepared by professionals from Farmácia Veritas, Widex, André Ópticas, Ortoneeds, CPE Clínicas, Celeiro, and Colunex. There will be some dermo-cosmetic brands such as Isdin, Sensilis, Cantabria Labs, and Uriage, with a special area for babies.

“Saúde na Linha” will take place on floor -1, at the entrance to the Children’s Park, and will allow visitors to access information about their health status in various areas.


From April 14th to 16th, from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm

  • Floor -1, access to the Children’s Park

Lectures | April 15th

  • 11h00 | Impact of Technology on Adolescent Health
  • 12h00 | UV Radiation for a Healthy Summer
  • 14h00 | Intimate hygiene and urinary tract infections
  • 16h00 | Oral Hygiene in Child Health
  • 17h15 | Oral Hygiene in Adult Health

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