‘Cultura Portugal’ in Spain with Salvador, Rodrigo Leão and Rui Horta

Salvador Sobral, Rodrigo Leão and Rui Horta are some of the names that will be present at the 16th edition of the ‘Culture Portugal‘ exhibition in Spain, presented today at the Portuguese Embassy in Madrid.

This show has “a concrete impact and makes Portugal and its artists better known in Spain today than they were a few years ago,” said Ambassador Francisco Ribeiro de Menezes at the presentation today.

The 16th Mostra of Portuguese Culture in Spain has 60 events throughout the country, with 28 activities taking place in the capital, Madrid.

In the area of ??music, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Salvador Sobral, will give a concert at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo in Madrid, next week, on September 24, accompanied by the trio Júlio Resende, André Rosinha and Bruno Pedroso.

Sobral returned to the Spanish capital on November 4, accompanied by Júlio Resende, to close the Madrid Poetry Festival with a performance by the Alexander Search group, of which he is part, inspired by the heteronym of Fernando Pessoa.

A few days later, on November 13, Rodrigo Leão celebrates his 25 years as a musician with the concert “O Aniversário” at Teatro Nuevo Apolo.

The well-known Coro Gulbenkian, directed by Pedro Teixeira, is also part of the musical program of “Cultura Portugal”, with a recital in Madrid, on December 5th.

The dance area will have a series of performances by Rui Horta, in the cultural center Matadero, in the Spanish capital, from this Friday, September 21.

The Portuguese choreographer and dancer begins with the exhibition of his last production, ‘Quorum’, made from the choice, through a “public convocation”, of 41 people, who will create “a creative collective experience”, following the creations ‘Lumen’ and ‘Vespa’.

Portugal will also be the guest country of the 63rd edition of the Valladolid International Film Week, starting on October 20, with a unique opportunity to present the most important titles made in recent years by Portuguese filmmakers.

The exhibition “Inside me” by Helena Almeida will also be part of the Portuguese cultural exhibition, at the Helga de Alvear gallery in Madrid, from September 20, Thursday, until November 24, and “I am your Mirror ‘by the plastic artist Joana Vasconcelos, inaugurated at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao on June 29, which will close on November 11.

The pair Musa Paradisíaca, made up of Eduardo Guerra and Miguel Ferrão, will take the installation ‘Casa Animal’, to the Cultural Center Conde Duque, in Madrid, from October 29 to December 22.

In the scope of the show also runs the Festival Portugal Alive, which opens Friday.

Musicians like Best Youth, Bruno Pernadas, Surma, Real Combo Lisbonense, Throes & The Shine, Mísia and Kátia Guerreiro, soprano Ana Quintans, Quiroga Quartet, writer Dulce Maria Cardoso, director João Salaviza are other names in the show, which also mobilizes artists such as the countertenor Carlos Mena and the Spanish Carlos García-Bernal, and the French regent and harlot Pierre Hantaï.

Pedro Berhan da Costa, who is in charge of the cultural sector of the Portuguese embassy in the Spanish capital, explained that, over the last few years, he has tried to show the “Culture Portugal” show as a “mix between authors already known and others less known.”

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