Culturgest hosts author’s animated film in December

Culturgest, in Lisbon, hosts two animated film screenings in December, in partnership with the Cinanima – Espinho International Film Festival, whose 42nd edition took place this month in Espinho.

The first session, scheduled for December 2 at 4:00 p.m. in the Grand Auditorium, “is a moment of artistic crossing, dedicated to children, between animation cinema and live music, composed of two parts: cine-concert and film projection” according to information released by Culturgest.

In the “12 FRAMES” cine-concert, of the multi-instrumentalist composer and inventor of experimental musical instruments Fernando Mota, “a cinema-concert without cinema, 12 musical moments are created from 12 frames of 12 films, exploring the environments or the narratives that these images suggest.

Here, “more than live music, images are used as starting points for the creation of music and sound spaces.

In the same session, seven animated short films will be shown: ‘Aazar’ (Aazar Shortfilm), ‘All of Us’ (Ruth Beni, Daniel Greaves), ‘I Wish …’ (Victor L. Pinel) Look ‘(Meinardas Valkevicius),’ Looney Foodz! ‘ (Alexandra Tagali), ‘Star-Fallen’ (Alexandra Tagali) and ‘Parking Attendant’ (Dante Zaballa).

In the second session, on December 4 at 9:00 pm in the Small Auditorium, the nine award-winning films will be screened this year at Cinanima.

The German short film ‘Obon’ won the Grand Prix of the 42nd edition of the festival, while ‘Agouro’ and ‘4 States of Matter’ won ‘ex-aequo’ the Portuguese competition.

Composed by Pedro Serrazina, Riho Unt and Vera Neubauer, the jury of 2018 presented the Grand Prix of the international competition to the animated documentary by Andre Hörmann and Anna Bergman, which in the 2D computerized register of “Obon”, tell in 15 minutes the story of Akiko Takakura, one of the last survivors of the atomic bomb launched in Hiroshima.

Among the Portuguese works, the António Gaio Prize distinguished this year “Agouro”, in which David Doutel and Vasco Sá reveal “the roughness of the relationship between two cousins” in a rigorous winter near the river and ‘4 States of Matéri’, debut work in which Miguel Pires de Matos explores in an abstract register the different physical states of nature and its relation to science, art and religion.

Still in Portuguese production, the festival also distinguished as best work by directors under 18 the film ‘Harmos’, directed by a collective of children and young people of Abrantes, and awarded as best short of a filmmaker of age the work’ Traveler ‘by João Gonzalez.

Other films awarded in the 2018 edition: “The Call”, which gave the Romanian Anca Damian the Special Prize of the Jury; ‘Low Season’, with which the Hungarian Orsolya Láng won the Gaston Roch Prize for best student film; ‘The Lost Garden’, by which France’s Natalia Chernysheva won the Alves Costa Prize for best short film of up to 5 minutes; and ‘The Extraordinary Day’ with which Joanna Lurie of France won the Best Short Film Prize between five and 24 minutes.

‘A magnificent cake’ by Belgians Marc James Roels and Emma De Swaef, won two distinctions: the Best Short Film Award between 24 and 50 minutes and also the Audience Award.

In the category of feature films this year, no film was awarded, although the jury attributed an honorable mention to the ‘Tropical Virus’, by the Colombian Santiago Caicedo.

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