Cup with Benfica and Valadares

Benfica, who will make their debut in women’s football, and Valadares Gaia, from the top echelon, will play in the Portuguese Cup on Saturday in an unprecedented final where Benfica are favourites.

This Benfica team from the second stage since the beginning has set the season’s goal to win the Cup, and of course the rise to the first division at the same time, these players have set several records and scored 400 goals this season.

Overcoming all the difficulties inherent in this competition, only in the semi-finals with former national champion Sporting de Braga suffered a defeat in the first leg of the semi-final, but winning in the second leg and winning the right to be in the final.

During this cup, the team of Benfica added thrashing, one behind the other. He dominated Palmelense 20-0 and Torreense 16-0. Marítimo, seventh in the main division, was the first team to score a goal at Benfica, with the final result 5-1, followed by Ribeirão with one more result voluminous 21a 0 and in the quarter-final the Ouriense by 16-0.

Benfica has a team full of very talented footballers, where they test the international Tayla, Geyse and Darlene, and Sílvia Rebelo and Raquel Infante, but also Evy Pereira.

Valadares Gaia, from the top step, finished the championship in the sixth position, this Saturday will be the third final of these players, who lost the final in 2013 with Boavista and 2016 with Futebol Benfica.

The team of valets also with good values counts on international Neide Simões, Olga Freitas and Cláudia Lima. He had easier triumphs with the Sandinenses 6-0 and A-dos-Francos 4-1, and eliminated away favourite Futebol Benfica by 4 to 3 and finally the Albergaria on penalties.

The Portuguese Cup match will be Saturday, at 15:00, whichever the winner, it will be the first time he will raise the cup.

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