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Cupra Formentor wins the “Red Dot Award”

The “Red Dot Award” that Formentor won is attributed to the best product of the year, which stands out for its exceptional design quality. The selection criteria are diverse, assessing whether it is aesthetically appealing, as well as other qualities such as functionality or innovation.

CUPRA Formentor’s ability to meet changing market trends, technical innovation, accessibility and electrification makes it a suitable vehicle at all levels.

Thanks to the MQB EVO platform and its Crossover SUV style, it offers the perfect combination: the sportiness and dynamism of a hatchback combined with the practicality, comfort and spaciousness of an SUV. Something that the members of the jury responsible for awarding the prize certainly took into account.

The “Red Dot Award” jury is made up of 50 experts from different countries who test, judge and evaluate each product individually.

The evaluation process is based on an analysis that provides a guidance framework, which is then complemented by the criteria and experience of each juror. Aspects such as the degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, symbolism, emotion and respect for the environment are considered.

CUPRA Formentor stood out thanks to its ability to combine the practicality required in daily life with the passion and emotion of a high performance vehicle.

CUPRA Formentor is destined to make history and be an important part of the Crossover SUV segment, which is expected to double its sales in Europe in the next five years. In this way, it aspires to be a very important vehicle in the future of the brand. Achieving the “Red Dot Award” for Best Product Design is another milestone on the path of this model.

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