Portuguese Shorts on the Oscars® Shortlist

Special Session

On the 16th of January, at 9 pm, Teatro Maria Matos will show the 3 Portuguese short films selected for the shortlist of the next edition of the ÓSCARES®.

Ice Merchants, by João Gonzalez, O Homem do Lixo, by Laura Gonçalves, and O Lobo Solitário, by Filipe Melo are part of a special session, presented by Nuno Markl, which will also be attended by the directors and producers. Entrance to the session is free, subject to room capacity.

Ice Merchants, produced by Cola Animation in co-production with Wild Stream, and Homem do Lixo, produced by O Bando à Parte, are part of the set of 15 works, among the 81 entries, in a competition for the 5 nominations in the category Best Animated Short Film. O Lobo Solitário, produced by Força de Produção, reached the 15 finalists, among 200 applications and is the first Portuguese film in the real image to reach a shortlist of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences awards. The announcement was made on December 21st.

The session, to take place on the 16th, is held in partnership with the Short Film Agency, Bando à Parte, Cola Animation, and Wild Stream.

João Gonzalez 2022, Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Animation, 14′
A man and his son parachute every day from their cold and vertiginous house perched on top of a precipice to travel to the village on the plain below, where they sell the ice they produce during the night.

Laura Gonçalves 2022, Portugal, Animation, Documentary, 11′50″
On a hot August afternoon, the family gathers around the table. The memories of each one cross to remember the story of Uncle Button. From dictatorship to emigration to France, where he worked as a garbage man, and when he returned to Belmonte in the van full of “trash” that he transformed into a real treasure.

Filipe Melo 2021, Portugal, Color, 23′
On Viva FM’s evening program, broadcaster Vítor Lobo receives a call from an old friend who wants to catch up.

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