Cybersecurity in debate at Piaget Digital Talks

Online events promoted by the Piaget Institute take place every Thursday and are accessible free of charge to all interested parties.

“Cybersecurity – A new normal?” is the theme of the virtual round table that the Piaget Institute organizes this Thursday, June 11th, at 9 pm, integrated in the Piaget Digital Talks cycle.

The alerts are not new, but experts in the areas of security and information systems have warned of the need for even greater attention during this period of social isolation, teleworking and distance learning. The increase in digitization has resulted in an increase in the exposure of citizens and organizations to cyber attacks, adding a potential economic cost added to failures in cybersecurity.

A reality that has been enhanced in recent times by the rapid transition that many users of information technologies have made to remote work systems or to the priority on digital platforms and channels as a way to ensure the continuity of their activity and their contacts with the world outside.

Instituto Piaget has been reinforcing its training offer with several courses in technological areas, including cybersecurity – namely, through its Cybersecurity CTeSP (Higher Professional Technical Courses), Computer Networks and Systems, Web Programming, Devices and Applications Furniture, and also Data Analysis in Information Management, all taught on the Almada campus.

How to continue to use cyberspace freely, reliably and securely, managing new risks appropriately, is the starting point of the debate that Piaget Digital Talks is proposing this week.

The guest panel consists of João Simão, director of the Judiciary Police’s telecommunications and information technology unit; Carlos Oliveira, director of information systems at the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Economy and professor of Computer Engineering at Instituto Piaget de Almada; and Wilson Lucas, director of cybersecurity at the Social Security Informatics Institute and also a professor of Computer Engineering at the Piaget Institute in Almada.

The moderation of the debate will be in charge of Ricardo Simões Santos, deputy director of the Higher School of Technology and Management at the Piaget Institute of Almada, and Alexandra Silva, student of CTeSP of Cybersecurity, Networks and Computer Systems, on the same campus.

Piaget Digital Talks take place regularly on Thursdays, consisting of a debate and sharing of best practices on current and relevant topics in the digital world, open to public intervention.

Access to events held online is free of charge for all interested parties, upon prior registration through the Piaget Institute website or its Facebook page.

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