D.A.M.A announce concerts at Coliseus in Porto and Lisbon in June

with Buba Espinho and Amigos do Alentejo

D.A.M.A, Buba Espinho and Amigos do Alentejo present “Casa, Bagunça e Viagem” live at Coliseus, in acoustic.

After the success of the song ‘Casa’ with Buba Espinho, D.A.M.A is getting ready to take to the stages of the Coliseu do Porto on the 1st of June and the Coliseu de Lisboa, on the 3rd of June. This will be the absolute debut at Coliseu dos Recreios, the last big national venue where the band had not performed.

Casa is a tribute single to Portuguese music and Cante Alentejano. It was published on the 25th of November and already has more than one million streams and almost two million views on Youtube, it is at the top of Spotify, Shazam, and iTunes and conquered the country’s radio stations. In addition to the numbers, it has touched people across the country and abroad, creating a digital spot of videos with audiences of all ages enjoying the Cante Alentejano approximation to Pop.

“Casa is a product of our friendship, art, and roots. Making our first Coliseum the Home of all these feelings makes everything unforgettable even before it happens”, says Kasha.

“We dared to make a song inspired by our very rich traditional Alentejo culture that would be able to cross regions and touch Portuguese people from north to south. The reception has been so good that we decided to create a unique show with our great friends from Alentejo”, says Miguel Cristovinho.

What can be expected in these unprecedented concerts is an intimate recording with new arrangements for Cante Alentejano. Miguel Cristovinho adds: “we are going to mix traditional fashions with themes from the D.A.M.A world, essentially to show people what invariably happens when we get together at a table in a restaurant in Beja.”

On stage will be Francisco Pereira (Kasha), Miguel Coimbra, Miguel Cristovinho, Buba Espinho, Eduardo Espinho, Luís Aleixo, Francisco Pestana and Francesco Meoli. “As words cannot describe the immensity of what we feel, the only way is to share the feeling itself, which, because it is so magical and beautiful, we decided that we want to share it with everyone”, in the words of Miguel Coimbra.

“There is no greater joy than joining my friendship with the D.A.M.A to Cante Alentejano, the greatest expression of my people, of my ancestors”, confesses Buba Espinho. “Taking all these feelings onto the stage will be even more beautiful and challenging.”

These concerts are supported by POUCA ROUPA wines, a young and relaxed brand with Alentejo roots.

Tickets are on sale from today at Blueticket (Porto) and Bol (Lisbon) and at the usual places.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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