D.A.M.A announce return to MEO Arena in 2025

MEO Arena

On February 14, 2025, D.A.M.A will be back at the MEO Arena (formerly Altice Arena) for a show on Valentine’s Day in which they aim to celebrate love in all its forms.

The return to the largest venue in the country will be marked by the celebration of the relationship they have established with the public and the privilege that the trio feels in being able to share their art for more than ten years.

After filling the same room in 2016, D.A.M.A continued to make a mark on the Portuguese music scene. Last year was marked by the fourth platinum “CASA” (feat. Buba Espinho), a song that served as the starting point for a new approach to the renowned band’s repertoire with the double platinum Loucamente (feat. Los Romeros) and the most recent hit “Mãe“, released together with the EP Canções Bonitas em Português Vol. I.


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The six-track short proved to be a huge success in the national charts, with more than 21 million streams on digital platforms and 29 million views on YouTube, in addition to its constant presence in the Shazam charts. The band could not, therefore, choose a better time to return to MEO Arena, after having already sold out other large venues in the country such as Sagres Campo Pequeno, Coliseu dos Recreios or Coliseu Porto Ageas.

A true phenomenon of their generation, D.A.M.A stands out for their infectious songs, empathy towards the public and energy in live performances. In 2022, they celebrated ten years of a career full of successes, impressive numbers, presence in the top charts and awards collected on the walls of their studio in Lisbon.

And because having ambition is not just about wanting, it’s about having enthusiasm with a purpose, here we are promising another unique leap, a spectacle on Valentine’s Day for all those people who, like us, try to fall in love with life all the days.

Festas do Barreiro > 2023.08.16. > D.A.M.A ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

Miguel Cristovinho

Next Valentine’s Day, the MEO Arena will be a party venue with themed activations and surprises that will make the meeting unforgettable for the thousands of people who will celebrate art and love – in all its forms.

Knowing that after these years we continue to have so many audiences who feel us and want to see us live is something that gives meaning to everything we do.
We have a love story with the public, on February 14, 2025, another chapter begins.

Festas do Barreiro > 2023.08.16. > D.A.M.A ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews


Whether single, in love or married, the concert is dedicated to all lovers in our country.
It is with great pleasure that we announce the biggest Valentine’s Day event of 2025.
Come celebrate this day with us and make our bubble of love grow.

Festas do Barreiro > 2023.08.16. > D.A.M.A ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

Miguel Coimbra

On a night when you want to celebrate love, D.A.M.A proposes the biggest date they’ve ever had. To this end, they carefully prepare each stage of the night, providing experiences that connect people and that make MEO Arena a universe in its own right from the moment the doors open.

Many activations will take place in the corridors before the concert, serving as a reminder to arrive at the venue early to make the most of it. Many experiences and surprises will make this night unforgettable. For those who want to enjoy it even more, there are special packages that can be added to the tickets.

Tickets are now on sale at MEO Blueticket and the usual places.
MEO Arena | February 14, 2025

Exclusive Merch T-shirt: €15.00
limited to existing stock
– Official and exclusive t-shirt for this concert. The piece must be picked up with proof of ticket at the MEO Arena merchandise store on the day of the concert.

Early access to the venue: €20.00
limited capacity
– Early access to the venue;
– Opportunity to take advantage of current activations for a longer period of time, while also giving the possibility of securing a better place.

Access to soundcheck (Online exclusive): €40.00
limited capacity
– Access to the general rehearsal at MEO Arena on the day of the concert in hours to be confirmed by the production team closer to the date of the concert. This is an opportunity to see all the details and preparation of the artists for the big moment, the interaction is unique and special;
– After soundcheck, participants must leave the MEO Arena and return to the door opening time (either standard or early access, for holders of this add-on);
– This experience does not include Meet & Greet;
– It is mandatory to indicate an updated contact at the time of purchase so that production can send instructions.

VIP Lounge: €90.00
limited capacity
– To enjoy the true Friends & Family experience, we have prepared an exclusive backstage lounge with food and drink included in the purchase price, to relax and enjoy, preparing for a special night with your group. Experience to be enjoyed for approximately 90 minutes before the concert. They will then be directed to their respective seats before the concert begins;
– The lounge will not be available during or after the concert and does not include access to backstage spaces other than those designated for this purpose;
– This experience does not include a Meet & Greet with the artists separately or as a full band;
– This experience naturally includes early access to the venue.

Meet&Greet – Speed Dating Edition – the day before the concert (online exclusive): €70.00
limited capacity
– A Meet & Greet experience adjusted to the show’s theme: each participant will have 2 minutes with each band member individually, similar to speed dating. A more intimate and special meeting so you can ask and talk about anything you want, give hugs, and take photos. After 2 minutes they change positions to the next member of the band until they have all three. It is a format that we will implement for the first time so that the experience is closer between the artists and the public they love so much;
– The location and time of this experience will be sent 1 month before the concert to all participants;
– It is mandatory to indicate an updated contact at the time of purchase so that production can send instructions;
– This experience does not include photographs with the three band members together, as the dynamics require rotation so that everyone can get their time with each member of the band.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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