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D.A.M.A welcomed by crowd

Festas dos Barreiro

Yesterday, Festas do Barreiro had a flood of fans to see D.A.M.A, an almost perfect concert, where the trio showed all their charisma, and friendliness on stage and toured all their hits, but only a few managed to see them…

Barreiro, continues to present excellent artists in this edition of Festas do Barreiro, with D.A.M.A taking the stage Marés, as always Francisco Maria Pereira (Kasha), Miguel Coimbra, and Miguel Cristovinho, who had already conquered the public before going on stage, were received by a full room, to hear them, sing and dance with them, to see it was already more difficult since they have a bad lighting design, in which the public was often well lit and the musicians who accompanied them too, but the trio, for those who were more than 5 meters away, only saw silhouettes, a serious flaw, of course, the fans will be able to hear them and for many, it had and was enough.

Festas do Barreiro > 2023.08.16. > D.A.M.A ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

The D.A.M.A covered all of their many hits, “Loucamente”, “Ok Lá Vai”, “Não Dá”, “Era Eu”, “Luísa”, “O Que Foi” and many others, not forgetting the most recent ones, “ Casa” feat. Buba Espinho, “Loucamente” feat. Los Romeros, who set fire to the audience who sang with them at the top of their lungs.

Festas do Barreiro > 2023.08.16. > D.A.M.A ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

They also remember that this is the second time they have passed through Barreiro, and that for them, the city is synonymous with joy, a feeling that could be seen on the faces of all those who were at the Festa do Barreiro, to see this fantastic concert.

Festas do Barreiro > 2023.08.16. > D.A.M.A ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews

Today at the Festas do Barreiro you can see

Dandy Lisbon, Forró do Piano e Equipe Explosão

See the full program here.

In the next days

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Youth spot

17th August
– 23h00 Chillin & Killin

18th August
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– 23h00 Humana Taranja
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20th August
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